60 minutes Float for 2

£0.25 Per Ticket

Winner is:

Ticket number: 286 Answer: Dundonald

Third party wheel spinner


About This Competition

Floatation involves nothing other than stepping
into a spacious cabin filled with 25cms of body
temperature water infused with half a tonne of
Epsom salt and floating to the sound of your
own heartbeat.

Zero-gravity conditions enable floatation with
no external pressure or forces on the body.
This is where the magic begins allowing you to
unwind in a safe and tranquil space that
promotes deep healing and relaxation.

Otherwise known as Restricted Environmental
Stimulation Therapy or REST, Floatation is all
about taking pressure off the mind and body
and allowing it to repair.

Showering products, ear plugs and towels
are supplied. Post-float relaxation room
offers tea, coffee and water and a space
for you to relax, dry your hair or reapply
make-up as necessary.